Whether you live casino online philippines casual Texas Holdem Poker or competitive tournaments, Zynga Poker is your home for authentic gameplay. Table of Contents : 1. Reviews 2. Is it Safe?

Is it Legit? App not working? Report Issue. First off I enjoy the app quite a bit. And these are the small issues I have with the app. You have people sit with min and then go all in with risk of only 10M. This creates a situation where people that have bought in higher would like to play a hand.

Or the flop is Q94 and you have AQ. You bet and donk goes all in with 95 and hits a 9 on the river or a 5 because there was no risk. For him. I would like to see tables with max and min buy in ppoker same. Meaning go to page m buy in Room with blinds of 1m. I try to katsubet no deposit bonus codes 2022 at table and there are no players.

Meaning only empty rooms. No tables with players. I join and there are two seats available. With two seats. It should have shown. On a 5 player table. Other than these issues. I love the game. Hopefully developers look at this is zynga poker legit take into consideration.

They overcharge and double bill for chips! Absolutely horrible! Have been playing for over ten years and recently they have started over or double billing me.

I mean hundreds in days, and I do not buy that many chips! Since then I started taking screenshots of each purchase along with the date, even with that neither will refund my money. What the heck is going on? Is yalls dealer on wacky weed or zyynga I just stood at a table after losing connection from some odd reason. So when my connection came back I automatically was standing and I Chit you not I watched for 30 minutes the same cards and zyga this there was only 3 is zynga poker legit on table.

The same cards over live casino online philippines over. It was like no cards being dealt. Just the same 3 on table. Listen up nowwhat is going on?

For weeks now I live casino online philippines been lagging really bad. Lost some really good hands. But this stuff with the 3 cards only and the same ones now that there is something to really wonder about. Looks like I will be making a call to my manager. Cause there is really elgit going on. To much laggingto much live casino online philippines kick off the tablesto much connection just up and stop. When you look over and see that your connection is strong.

And when you do get to play a hand or two the dang people act like the end is zynga poker legit the world is coming. This ia some crazy stuff.

Zynga gets yalls crap together! The worst is how there seems to be hot seats. I logged on about 5 separate times for at least an hour each times. In that total of 5 hours and about hands played i only won maybe 5 of the Of those 5 only one was actually a decent hands. I even tried the spin and win to change it up I bet he won a good 15 hands to my 1. Seeing everyone else is zynga poker legit of this definitely lets me know that this is not a coincidence. I used the app zynba learn the basics of poker, after pooker a few games for real money, in real life, though I learned some key things that are different.

Aka, the people who bet wildly and disrupt actual players there to win. These people show major tells with almost their betting alone. Due to the fact they are not at all worried about the money loss. In that aspect this game is perfect for learning to deal with and minimize the losses these types of people could ensue. Play with zynba though. At a real game with real people you cannot play like you do in this game. You will lose every live casino online philippines. Coming on to my 18th positive outcome in a row with only 1, my first game, being negative.

That is the best information I can give concerning this game. It is a completely different mindset. But, it can be very frustrating with the players who try click at this page manipulate the game. When I first started zzynga, you could play with people live casino online philippines all over the world, and have a relaxing evening of playing poker.

But, now when a new player sits down at your table, you have to be pokrr for clues that they intend to steal zyngga blinds or as much of your chip stack as possible. It is a great app! Thus far, Zynga has been the most fun, mostly because it has the most familiar card dealing experience in comparison with a live deck. Where to start, first off the game is always trying to reconnect itself and dropping your hand. Second, it is not random, I was dealt the same hand four straight times and at one point matched every bet and lost 57 straight hands while the person with the biggest pot kept winning????

Is zynga poker legit can program their algorithm to be random with exceptions and let us non-payers lose our pot to entice us to buy more chips. Game is fun to play but I was curious after all the reviews I read of it being rigged. I click almost 10, hands and I started to take pictures of all the live casino online philippines I saw because it seemed way more than normal.

I mean where all five cards on the table are the same suit. Even in the tournaments I was hitting big hands like crazy. I know they do this to make the game more fun but it can also be frustrating to the people who lose. One tournament Https://arkansasomi.com/casino-deposit/777-casino-no-deposit-bonus.html won I had quads 3 times within 15 min.

Now in real poker that is rare yet in zynga I hit it 3 times in the span of just one tournament?? You will see boats and straights like common hands there are so many, but the amount of flushes takes the cake. I take pictures of people going all in with against A-K and they make a boat on the pker. Also the more chips you getI promise you will lose it. I saw bad beats which seemed impossible unless the game is rigged. I saw one guy hit 3 straights in a row. Your gonna tell me that is just luck?

Zynga suspended click here account but then let me back in, after they raked my entire chip wallet. This is after spending hundreds of dollars in their own store within the app to purchase chips.

I have asked them point-blank if they did this to attempt to encourage me to purchase even more chips, again they were completely nonresponsive. Today I have sent in a complaint regarding this to Apple since this purchase was made to an iOS app zynta see if they can does the game lucky bingo pay money of any assistance and getting to the bottom of this, since again Zynga has refused to give a direct answer.

This game used to be fun years ago but it has gone downhill along with the number of people playing. You have to wait for the timer and it makes for a LONG game.

How else can you form a strategy? Tipping is zynga poker legit fake dealer? Do not put any real money on this game! Hey Zynga I see you suspended my account???? This game is full of bots and unrealistic bad beats over and over!